Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies December 05, 2012 22:09


Provincetown , MA. is at the very tip of Cape Cod, and a long way from Hawaii !

Cape Cod, or simply ‘ The Cape’ to locals is a beautiful resort area not far from Boston, and home to beautiful beaches, wildlife, sand dunes, sailing sailing, surfing, paddling and so on…also happens to be cruising ground  for many Great White Sharks !
Provincetown or P-Town is a colorful beach, fishing, and tourist community at the tip of The Cape.
But it is very close to Stellwagen Bank a very rich feeding ground for lots of our Ocean’s species, including migrating Humpback Whales ! The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies has been studying and protecting Humpbacks and other whales and Dolphins for decades! Can you find Provincetown, MA. on your map or a globe?    Well, anyway, if you ever go there you MUST go on a Whalewatching Cruise !!!  It is truly amazing to see these beautiful, intelligent animals in the wild.
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