Advocacy & Action

Ric is prominently featured in ‘The Cove‘, the Award Winning Documentary by the Oceanic Preservation Society.

“You’re either an activist or an inactivist!”

- Ric O’Barry

In other words: in the game of life, and in regards to what we @ Humu believe about the environment; you are either a player/participant or a spectator on the sidelines! Most people we know, adults and kids, would rather PLAY!

Ric was a trainer in the original ‘Flipper’ TV series (which some of us are old enough to remember) about a very smart and adorable dolphin who , in order to film the TV series, had to be held in captivity. Ric soon realized that ‘Flipper’ was miserable and depressed in captivity, and so Ric spends part of his time helping to free dolphins in captivity!

We want everybody who cares about our environment, and our Oceans in particular, to become an activist, even if it just means participating in a weekend beach clean-up with your local SURFRIDER FOUNDATION chapter! But if you want to do more, by all means, get involved. We want to give you ideas about how to do that and how to teach our kids to get involved.

We believe that our future rests in educating our kids about our environment, and we will do everything we can to help and to make it FUN for kids as well…!