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These mini-surfboards rock!!! January 02, 2016 16:54

These mini-surfboards rock! Hang em in kids room, office, or give 'em out at surf contests. New Years special @ $ 18.00.  Mahalo !

Free is where they need to be! January 01, 2016 19:46

'The greatness of a nation and its moral process can be measured by the way its animals are treated' 


12-year-old animal rights activist arrested in California for Seaworld orca protest May 22, 2015 14:20

 The New Year’s Day Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, was interrupted by the arrest of 19 animal rights activists, including a 12-year-old girl who tried to stop a SeaWorld float depicting a family of orcas swimming free in the ocean. We love this mature and compassionate young girl!!! Her name is Rose McCoy.    Calling her arrest “extremely boring,” she vowed to continue to battle for animal rights. "I'm going to fight SeaWorld as long as they keep orcas in what's equivalent to a prison," she said.

'There is wisdom in the waves' May 20, 2015 20:03

There is wisdom in the waves ! Mahalo 'Doc' for all of your inspiration and wisdom, for your friendship, for teaching us to WANT to be healthy so that we can live long and productive lives, to feel really AWESOME, and to be of service to our families, friends, and leave the world a better place!

Dolphins in Captivity? April 27, 2015 16:58

Do you like to go to Sea World and watch dolphins or orchas perform?  How about ‘swimming with dolphins’ in exotic locales? We at Humu Surf believe that dolphins and whales  DO NOT belong in captivity!

Rell Sunn, ‘ Queen of Makaha’ and ‘Queen of Aloha’ February 09, 2014 22:14

This page is a tribute to the beautiful Rell Sunn, a former World Champion surfer from Makaha on the Island of Oahu, who finally lost her battle to breast cancer in 1998.

Big Sur Serenity December 14, 2013 22:02

So, we caught up with Shelly on a ‘Big Sur Serenity’ tour traveling with her siblings enjoying the peace and serenity of Big Sur, waterfalls, hikes, sea lions, exploring cool little beach towns, and camping!

Humu Harry! April 01, 2013 22:06

Our good friend Harry Temple III skiing strong at 70 plus sporting a new Humu Surf truckers hat…we caught up with Harry for some spring skiing in Snowmass, Colorado.

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies December 05, 2012 22:09

Provincetown , MA. is at the very tip of Cape Cod, and a long way from Hawaii !

Hawaiian Monk Seals December 02, 2012 22:12

Hawaiian monk seals are shy by nature, which gave them the name “monk seal” but if disturbed they could actually bite. 

The Cove November 23, 2012 22:25

Humu is the Hawaiian State Fish November 04, 2012 22:30

In 1984 the state Legislature asked the University of Hawaii and the Waikiki Aquarium to survey the public and come up with a candidate for the state fish. The humuhumu was swept into the spot in part through the support of school children who learned of the campaign through classroom projects.

John Cruz February 02, 2012 22:23

John Cruz is one of the most talented and popular musicians to have come out of Hawaii in the past few years…John grew up on the Island of Oahu in a large musical ‘Ohana‘ (Hawaiian word for ‘family‘).  If you decide to listen to John, we hope you will enjoy his music as much as we do !

Identifying Humpback Whales February 02, 2012 22:14

Did you know that scientists / ocean naturalists like ‘Stormy’ Mayo of Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies can identify individual Humpback Whales that migrate to the same waters year after year?  They can tell them by the distinct patterns on their flukes!