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Our Beliefs


Our Beliefs – Humu Surf’s mission, in addition to building a strong brand in the surfing and SUP communities, is to foster the spirit of aloha and respect for the ocean and beaches and all living things…to foster and nourish these values in kids of all ages by actively reaching out through education( working with surf camps, Jr. lifeguards, etc. ) through our website, and by example….like participating in beach cleanups with Surfrider Foundation and other organizations, or organizing our own events…

We believe that we can make education fun and interactive…

To encourage people of all ages, but especially from a very young age, the vital importance of health…that if we take care of our bodies from a young age with diet and exercise, avoidance of smoking and destructive habits, that we can live long productive lives and feel good, and be assets to our family, friends, and communities…

These are the lessons we have learned from respected people in the surfing community that came before us, people like Doc Paskowitz, Duke Kahanomoku, and many others !

Humu Surf believes in the values of strong family and community, that we can all make a difference and have fun doing it….

We are proud to have partnered with both Surfrider Foundation ( Dr. Ken has been a lifetime member over 20 years ) as well as the Oceanic Preservation Society ( ‘OPS’ , producers of the film ‘The Cove’ ). Of note, we believe that dolphins and whales ( like Orca’s ) do NOT belong in captivity in places like Seaworld and should not be hunted for food in Japan or anywhere else, but should be happy, joyous and free in the wild where we can see them in the surf break, from a boat, or snorkeling…!

Thank You ( Mahalo ) for reading and being a part of our vision!

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